Why an E-Solstice Summit in December?

When the global pandemic changed the world and forced our little corner of it to cancel our in person Summer Solstice event, we took it online.  Since the world situation still will not allow us to host an in person event during our Winter Solstice time,  we are keeping the spirit of Solstice alive with another e-Solstice, bringing access to Kundalini Yoga to your home, wherever in the world you are.

If you have always wanted to go to our Winter Solstice event in December, this e-Solstice is for you.

If you will miss being in Lake Wales, Florida this year, this e-Solstice is for you.

If you have ever wanted to open your heart and transform your life, this e-Solstice is for you.

We look forward to practicing with you.

Sat Nam.

Support the Future of Guru Ram Das Puri

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to gather in person and share with you the exciting changes to the site and our vision for the future of Ram Das Puri. 

In the spring of 2020, 3HO finalized construction of permanent structures at Guru Ram Das Puri. These safe, permanent, sustainable structures are the foundation of the Ram Das Puri development plan; a long- term plan to create a world class retreat center that can serve and inspire. It is our goal to continue with a long-term capital building program to help fund and support the design and execution of a complete development plan for Ram Das Puri’s future; to add landscaping, playgrounds, safe pathways, art and environmentally sustainable features to the initial building project underway; and to Involve the entire 3HO community worldwide in the designing, planning and funding of this development plan. 

Help us bring our vision of a world class Kundalini Yoga retreat center, serving all who visit by inspiring, teaching, elevating, and uplifting in love, kindness, and service to life! Please reach out if you have ideas to contribute or would like more information. Your generous gift will help support and inspire Kundalini Yogis far into the future. 

About the 3HO Luminaries

The 3HO Luminaries Program expands and deepens the mission of 3HO International to inspire everyone everywhere to realize their full potential through the uplifting experience of Kundalini Yoga.


The program brings Kundalini Yogis doing extraordinary service in underserved communities to Summer & Winter Solstice for inspired connection, global collaboration, and the Kundalini experience of a lifetime.


By honoring and serving these Luminaries, 3HO seeks to create lasting connections between teachers, encourage seva as the highest state of mind and spirit, and strengthen communities around the globe.

Our e-Solstice programming features several Luminaries.